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Breaking Patterns for Adult Children of Substance Misusers

Did you grow up with a parent who struggled with substance misuse?

How has that impacted your life?

How do you make sense of those childhood patterns that still influence your home, work, and relationships? 

This conversation aims to address these profound questions.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Understanding Patterns: Learn common traits of adult children of substance misuse.

  • Personal Stories & Insights: Allyssa and Christine share their journeys.

  • Hope and Healing: Gain deeper knowledge  to foster personal growth and resilience

Engage in a powerful online dialogue between:

Christine Quinn (left), Founder of Living Kindness & Certified Coach


Allyssa Dickert (right) , Recovery Coach, Podcast Host, and Emmy-nominated Journalist.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024




Via Online Meeting (Register Below)

Key Conversation Topics

Allyssa’s Journey to Recovery and Self-Discovery

Learn about Allyssa’s path to recovery and self-discovery.

Understanding the Impact of Substance Misuse on Families

Understand common characteristics of adult children of those with substance misuse.

Insights for Hope and Healing

Gain deeper knowledge and insights that can foster hope and healing in your journey.

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