Seasonal Retreats

Seasonal Retreats:
Empower Yourself While Supporting Loved Ones Struggling with Substance Misuse

Embark on a transformative journey with Living Kindness retreats, designed to provide individuals and families with loved ones facing substance misuse a supportive and rejuvenating environment. Each retreat, tailored to a specific season, offers a unique blend of community building, nature immersion, addiction education, and holistic well-being practices.

Through these seasonal retreats, families and individuals are provided with a holistic and nurturing space to navigate the challenges of substance misuse while promoting resilience, connection, and well-being.

Sessions begin on Friday evening (6:00 p.m.)  and wrap up by noon on Sunday. Retreats and workshops are held at Living Kindness outside of Madison, Wisconsin.


Building Community:
Engage in group sessions, sharing circles, and communal activities that strengthen bonds and foster a supportive community.

Nature Immersion:
Experience the healing benefits of nature through outdoor activities carefully curated for each season.

Understanding Addiction:
Participate in workshops and discussions that deepen your understanding of addiction and its impact on families, fostering empathy and awareness.

Promoting Self-Love and Well-Being:
Develop stronger skills for self-love, holistic well-being, and individual growth.

Monthly Workshops

We will host at least one monthly workshop that will be 4-8 hours in length. Topics will include Self-love, Growing healthy relationships, Finding Joy and Fun in your life, Healing your inner self, Rewriting our old stories. Find currently scheduled workshops here: 

If you have a topic, you would like us to build a workshop around just email us at


Nestled in the serene woods just outside Madison, WI, the Living Kindness Retreat offers a warm and inviting home-like environment where you can connect with others who share similar experiences. Our retreat provides a tranquil escape from the demands of daily life.