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Results-oriented Executive
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Using self and team assessment tools, Christine helps leaders and teams rediscover and reconnect with their strengths, passions, and values.


Christine helps teams and leaders overcome self-limiting beliefs and envision their lives and careers in a state of high performance.


Christine helps her audience create an actionable plan to achieve their ideal state of personal and professional alignment, positivity, and productivity.

Create your Destiny

During ongoing coaching sessions, Christine creates a safe space for important self-examination and honesty. She measures progress using quantitative and qualitative metrics so leaders and teams can see the tangible benefits of partnering.

“Christine is a gift that has truly impacted the trajectory of my career and life.”

-Melissa Padfield, BA, MA, Interim Vice- Provost & University Registrar

 A first-generation college student, a single parent to three, 25+ years of university leadership  – these life experiences have influenced Christine’s practical, results-driven yet empathetic approach that helps her clients grow into senior leadership roles.

Early in her career, Christine experienced the same frustrations that today’s leaders face.  Like many of them, her vision and ambitious pursuits were knocked down time and time again by imposter syndrome-like symptoms of self-doubt, confusion about workplace politics and overworking to a fault.  She questioned why the big dream of meaningful change in her leadership functions was so hard to do.

This began to affect her personal life and eventually, her health. Work-life balance was non-existent until a series of l health challenges forced Christine to pause and re-evaluate her choices. Unable to work, she reconnected with her inner purpose and refocused her energy to launch her own business. This transformation led her to a life that she now loves. These days, Christine uses her experience and expertise to co-create strategies that activate transformative success and ignite people with passion and purpose.

Having overcome all that, she’s been through in life and at work Christine is the full package coach, consultant and facilitator who works with aspiring, current and future leaders in higher education.  Unique to Christine’s empathetic style, she helps her clients rediscover their purpose, both in life and at work while holding a safe space for them to flourish, realize their fullest potential and transform into authentic leaders who achieve, engage and inspire

 Do you want to lead more effectively and be more fulfilled? 

 Are you interested in working through a difficult situation?

 Are you exploring a new career opportunity?


Leaders transitioning into new roles often wonder if they are deserving of their new roles, or if they ‘got lucky’. Lack of deep leadership experience makes workplace politics difficult to navigate. Organizational interests and interpersonal issues across stakeholders are often disruptive. As progress stalls, a conflicted new leader often blames her own inadequacies for being unable to affect change. She tries to work harder only to be more frustrated and further compromise her work-life balance.

As a first-generation college student, a single parent to three and a university leader for 25+ years, Christine has experienced and overcome the same challenges that leaders face today. Her customized, practical, results-driven approach helps leaders grow into senior leadership roles.


  • Christine’s coachee completes an assessment to deepen her understanding of her leadership strengths and core values.
  • She guides her clients to draft a vision of what is possible and define additional exploration.
  • Christine and her clients co-create an action plan to transform this vision into reality.
  • As the coachee implements the plan, Christine supports her through ongoing skill development and coaching.
  • During coaching sessions, Christine holds a safe place for problem-solving, working through self-limiting beliefs, and leveraging strengths.


Does your Team…

Function like independent contractors, all working autonomously as opposed to as a true team? 

Avoid having conversations that are needed due to low trust?

Lack a common vision and direction?

Often, teams with exceptional talent fail. While individual performers shine, the team feels disconnected, experiences low trust, poor communication and lacks joy. The reason is that their leadership focuses on individual performers rather than the team as a whole.

Christine has proven that high-performing teams are systems focused on relationships and outcomes rather than individuals. When leadership teams shift away from an individual to the systems mindset, it creates a positive impact for that team. This shift has a ripple effect, growing from one team to another and eventually transforming the whole organization.

Christine focuses on shifting the culture at the leadership level to create high-performing organizations.


  • Christine starts by helping teams assess their current state in terms of productivity and positivity. (Team Diagnostic by Team Coaching International is a validated tool that supports team assessment.) 
  • This is followed by an open and creative conversation about the mission, goals, and priorities. 
  • Christine guides the team as they create rules of engagement. She also trains them to listen with a “systems ear” when faced with adversity or conflict. 
  • Finally, she helps the team create a realistic action plan to achieve their future state of high-performance. 
  • During her ongoing coaching sessions, Christine provides skill development and coaches the team through real work that improves attributes like trust, optimism, communication, decision-making, and accountability to outcomes. Team coaching guides and motivates the team through their transformation


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