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Experienced, and authentic, Christine’s engaging personality and no-nonsense strategies build fast and easy connections with audience members. She openly shares her brave and vulnerable experiences to deliver impactful messages that motivate people to apply in their own relationship at work and at home and most importantly…with themselves.

With lived experience in leadership, team building, strategy, and personal improvement, Christine’s customizable keynotes and workshops are packed with real life stories and strategies that bring light bulb moments to audience members.

In Christine’s words, “I feel good about myself because I worked through hard things and overcame some very difficult challenges. I talk about these in my presentations. My real passion now is to help people find it in themselves, so they too find access to the magic of personal and professional transformation. This is how I spark joy in myself and ignite confidence in my audience members to lead from within for themselves and their teams. 

This resilience has gained me the confidence to live a wholehearted life, no matter what, and this is what I inspire in others.”

“I have worked with Christine for the last three years. She launches the full-day opening workshop for Leadership Academy which is a 9-month program for upcoming university leaders. The first session is key to have someone who can come in and really set the stage for future sessions. Christine’s enthusiasm and fun personality are perfect for a presenter. She knows how to build trust among the learners and uses engaging activities for small and large group work. She uses real-world examples to convey the objectives set forth in the session so learners can make connections with the material. I highly recommend Christine without hesitation!”

Jane B. Laufenberg, Training Coordinator, University of Wisconsin, Platteville

I have grown and learned through coaching. Additionally my team has benefitted greatly from my improved leadership skills and they have made drastic improvements with my guidance. They established team norms, aligned with the university values, and agreed to hold each other accountable for the success of our team. Communication improved between team members in general and during team meetings. It feels like a more supportive and positive work environment.

Erin Director of Admissions

Christine’s keynotes and workshops are customized to the needs and goals of her audience. Here are some of the most commonly requested topics that Christine speaks about.


Employee engagement is the positive emotional connection an employee has to their work and workplace. Engagement goes beyond just being satisfied with work – it’s a belief that your work matters, that your contributions matter and your work aligns with your values. Employee engagement drives morale and productivity. Investing in your employee engagement strategy accelerates results for any organization. 

This practical workshop will deepen your understanding of the importance of engagement and your role in setting the stage for engagement. The creation of a high-performance team will be the core of this workshop. Come to learn, be inspired and leave with a plan to accelerate engagement and success.


Navigating today’s tumultuous workplace waters requires new approaches. Change is everywhere. How will you lead your team through it? The answer starts with you – accept that change begins with you.  

This inspiring event helps leaders grow into powerful change agents. They will deepen their understanding of how change occurs in organizations and how people respond to it. Leaders will leave with the newfound ability to lead change boldly and a plan to engage employees during organizational change. 


One of the most untapped resources in the workplace is the power and creativity of all employees. To tap into this power, leaders need to create sustainable models of deeper employee engagement. This level of engagement begins with the leader being authentic in how they show up, lead, engage, and inspire.

This empowering experience will help leaders reconnect with their authentic self, core values, and beliefs. They will leave the workshop with commitment and strategies to be authentic and nurture a culture where others can also bring their truest and best self to work every day. 


Want to be energized at and about work? Want to experience less stress and more joy? Research proves that people who use humor at work are more productive, less stressed, and happier!! Positive exchange in the workplace boosts morale, communication, trust and yields high performance.  

These keynotes and workshops are uplifting, grounded in positive psychology, and help you and your team flourish in the workplace. Leaders and teams will learn simple tactics to empower themselves and increase positivity in their lives and workplaces. 

Trust, Communication & Teamwork

Teamwork begins with employees knowing each other and building a foundation of trust. Trust is built over time and is closely aligned with the nature of communication. How do people communicate with each other? Is it easy to provide feedback? How do employees disagree? Trust, teamwork, and communication go hand-in-hand to create positive morale and organizational success. 

This workshop will help leaders understand the foundational aspects of trust, respect, and communication. Participants will develop self-awareness and build trust through sharing personal journeys, practicing communication, and providing open feedback in difficult situations. Leaders and their teams will leave the workshop with stronger relationships that promote workplace excellence.  

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